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Welcome to AHL Garden Supply, New Mexico’s original grow store,
Celebrating 30 years in 2023!


420 Sale On Now

Our annual 420 Sale is happening Thursday, April 20 through Sunday, April 23! We have multiple ways to save this year so click here for all the details. We are also giving away a $100 AHL gift card so stop by the store to enter.


BuildASoil Is Here!

You've been asking for it and we were finally able to make it happen. We now have over 100 BuildASoil products in our inventory, including the Light Recipe and Version 3.0 base soils plus all these great products:

Barley Straw Mulch

AgSil 16H Potassium Silicate

Horticultural Aloe

Aloe Vera Powder Flakes



Charged Bio-Char


Build-A-Flower Top Dress Kit

BuildASoil #1 Worm Castings

Colorado Worm Company Vermicompost

Craft Blend

BIG 6 Micronutrients + Humic Acid

Clackamas Coot's Official Gnarly Barley

Coconut Water Powder

Clover Cover Crop Blend

EM 1 Microbial Inoculant

Formula EM-5 Cleaning Concentrate

Quillaja Saponaria Extract Powder (Q20)

Karanja Oil

Kashi Blend

Alfalfa Fermented Extract

Liquid Peach Extract

Liquid Pumpkin Extract

Liquid Comfrey Extract

Sea-90 Ag Mineral Foliar

Bu's Blend Malibu Compost

Oly Mountain Fish Compost

Insect Frass

Therm X-70 Yucca Extract

Rootwise Bio-Catalyst Enzyme Elixer

Rootwise Bio-Phos Biological Bloom Support

Rootwise Mycrobe Complete

Beauveria Bassiana Plus (BB+) Powder

Diamond K Gypsum

Diamond K Potassium Sulfate

Montana Grow Powdered Silicon Amendment

Mustard Seed Meal

OptiVeg Chitin & Aminos

Oyster Shell Flour

Rice Hulls


Shadow on Concrete Wall

LED Grow Light Specials

We've been working for the past year to bring you more LED grow lights than ever before, and now we're offering them at our best prices ever. There's no need to buy online and face uncertainty over shipping when you'll pay the same or less at AHL. Here are a few of the deals we have right now:

California Lightworks SolarXtreme 250...$228.65 (Retail $289.00)

California Lightworks SolarXtreme 500...$398.65 (Retail $526.00)

Luxx Clone LED...$52.00 (Retail $85.00)

Phantom Pheno 440...$349.00 (Retail $599.99)

Photobio MX 680...$873.99 (Retail $999.99)

A special note about HLG lights:

We can't advertise prices lower than HLG's own website, which is all MSRP pricing right now since they aren't running a sale. Even when they are having a sale for 420, Croptober, or Black Friday, our everyday prices meet or beat their sale prices. Give us a call or stop by to check our prices. You'll be glad you did!

HLG 65 V2...$xx (Retail $124.00)

HLG 100 V2...$xx (Retail $174.00)

HLG 100 V2 Rspec...$xx (Retail $174.00)

HLG 150 Patriot...$xx

HLG 300L Rspec $xx (Retail $474.00)

HLG 300L Bspec $xx

HLG Diablo 350R $xx (Retail $599.00)

HLG BlackBird...$xx  (Retail $849.00)

HLG Saber 150...$xx

HLG Scorpion RSpec Far Red...$xx

HLG 30 UVA Supplement..$xx

Grower's Choice ROI-E420...$xx (Retail $699.00)

Grower's Choice ROI-E680s...$xx (Retail $999.00)

Grower's Choice ROI-E720...$xx (Retail $1099.00

(Please call or stop by to get our Grower's Choice prices, which are too low to advertise!)

GrowPros HM240...$252.00 (Retail $289.00)

GrowPros HM480...$540.00 (Retail $599.00)

GrowPros HM660...$695.00 (Retail $825.00)

GrowPros HM150 Extension Bars (Set of 2)...$234.00 (Retail $278.00)

GrowPros Clone Light 18W/30W Adjustable...$65.00 (Retail $85.00)


Lightech 2' LED Strip 6500K...$25.00

Lightech 4' LED Strip 6500K...$36.00


Miracle LED 45 Watt LED Grow Panel: $45.00

Miracle LED 2-bulb Kitchen Garden: $32.00

Miracle LED 14 Watt Medium Base Full Spectrum Grow Bulb: $14.99

Other models and brands, including Gavita and ThinkGrow, are available by special order.

About AHL Garden Supply

Since we opened our doors in 1993, we have helped thousands of growers get the most out of their indoor and outdoor gardens. We are Albuquerque’s oldest and most experienced retailer of specialty garden supplies, including grow lights, hydroponic systems, potting soil, coconut coir fiber, containers, fans, odor control, seed-starting & cloning supplies, pest controls, dozens of nutrient brands, and so much more. If you need it to grow, chances are good that we have it or we can get it.


We have long relationships with many of the most well-known and highly-regarded names in the industry, including Hydrofarm, Fox Farm, General Hydroponics, Hawthorne, Age Old Nutrients, Roots Organics, Canna, Botanicare, and Grodan, just to name a few. We pride ourselves on friendly service, knowledgeable advice, and a great selection of trusted products in stock everyday. We only sell products that we believe in, and we cut through the hype and BS that is, unfortunately, too common in the indoor gardening industry. If you aren’t already a happy AHL customer, give us a try and find out for yourself why we’ve been around for 30 years!

Recent Reviews

Great prices, I often find their pricing better than even Amazon, together with a great friendly and knowledgeable staff, they're my go to store!!!

This is the only place I buy my soil and plant supply from. The staff here are very informative and helpful. I am of course coming back soon!

Quality, knowledgeable, helpful, insightful, and down to earth staff that have been around a long time.

Great place. Great people. And always a wonderful experience. 😊 thank you.

AHL News


Face masks are no longer required indoors according to the New Mexico Department of Health. Our staff and customers may choose whether or not to wear masks according to individual needs.

We will continue to offer curbside pickup for customers who prefer that. Please call us at 505-255-3677 to place your order.

It's now almost two years since the the first cases of Covid-19 were identified in New Mexico, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we have done our best to navigate the changing circumstances and regulations of the pandemic. If you have any questions about anything, please let us know.


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