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  • Advanced Nutrients Advanced Nutrients Overdrive, 1 Liter

Advanced Nutrients Overdrive, 1 Liter

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Advanced Nutrients Overdrive is the Ultimate Trick Top Growers Use to Boost Flower Production During Final 2 Weeks Prior to Flush.

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Discover the Ultimate Trick Top Growers Use to Boost Flower Production During Final 2 Weeks Prior to Flush

Yes, it’s true. With the right nutrient strategy you can reboot flowering in the last quarter of your crop’s bloom phase.

In fact, right now, growers in 107 countries are increasing yields and crop value with a simple pre-harvest feeding trick.

Many are winning awards for the huge, potent buds they’re achieving.

But it wasn’t always this way.

For decades, growers tried everything to grow fragrant, stickier, fuller buds in the last few weeks of their crop’s life.

They bought the right lights.

They hunted down exotic, cup winning genetics.

The most sophisticated base nutrients.

Spent hours on forums pouring over expert advice.

But there was still one thing they couldn’t control…



The Inevitable Death of Their Cannabis Plants



Because here’s the thing…

Your crop has an “expiration date,” one that’s determined by both genetics and environment.

By the time they enter the bloom phase, you’re practically counting the days until budding slows to a crawl and you’ve got no choice but to harvest.

And while you might end up with mediocre yields, there’s nothing quite as disappointing as watching buds taper off in size and never quite reaching their full potential.

In fact, in addition to biomass, you’re also harvesting before your plants ever reach the high concentration of trichomes and other valuable compounds you’ve sought out to cultivate.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be like that. Not for you.




A Scientific Discovery Changed Everything



As cannabis experts, we knew there had to be a way to get more from our plants during those last few weeks.

So our team of Ph.D. scientists got busy…

We ran countless studies. Examined hundreds of tissue samples of plants during the final weeks of bloom. And researched the internal clocks of thousands of plants.

This was NOT an overnight fix.

It took us years to get it right.

And when we did, the results were staggering…

We discovered that feeding plants an optimal ratio of nutrients in the homestretch triggers a second round of flowering late into the bloom phase—a time when most plants are slowing down and reaching the final stage of their lives.

And here’s a fact that’s very important to understand, so pay close attention…

Your plants flower as a part of their reproductive stage, even if you’re growing unseeded female crops.

So, as soon as they believe they’ve created seeds for the next generation, they’ll consider their work done.

That’s what causes them to shut down and die.

Understanding the natural functions that occur during the final stages of flowering— and why they occur— was key to unlocking your cannabis’ full genetic potential.



Meet the Breakthrough Additive that Sustains Peak Plant Performance Until the Moment You Harvest



The result of these scientific discoveries is Overdrive®, the powerful late-season bloom booster that’s turbocharging thousands of cannabis harvests across the globe.

Once you apply Overdrive to your grow, you’ll get optimal conditions to reinvigorate flowering so your plants can create:

  • Sweeter, stickier, fuller buds
  • Increased cannabinoid and terpenoid levels
  • A harvest you can be proud of

With the help of this premium additive, your plants can focus on producing the valuable flowers you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the fuller, bigger buds. The potent aroma. The high concentration of valuable compounds.

Overdrive can transform a stage of your crop’s lifecycle that typically leaves growers disappointed, into a harvest you can be proud of.



Join Thousands of Growers Improving Late Bloom Phase with Overdrive®



Here’s what other growers have to say about Overdrive…

Growers who, like you, were counting on achieving massive harvests. Who knew that meeting their bottom lines was critical to their success.

Like Zachary, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, who yielded a huge harvest…

“I was nearing the end of the bloom cycle and the plants just were not producing. I tried several fertilizers, but none worked. The guy at the hydroponics store suggested I use Overdrive. In about a week, there was a visible increase in flower size, and I got the large harvest I’d been desperately hoping for.”

Or Grant from New Mexico made…

“In the past, I had used only the base nutrients in the last week before the flush. But I was losing something in that. When I started using Overdrive, I saw the buds get bigger during the last week. This is definitely the way to finish your crops.

The fact is, we sell thousands of bottles of Overdrive every year to growers who have rewritten the script on those final weeks of their bloom cycles.

To get started

Grab Overdrive from your closest authorized retailer (which you can find here)

Or you could do what some growers have done…

Record the characteristics of your current buds during those last few weeks of the bloom cycle.

Then, use Overdrive in your next crop and see how much fuller your buds look.

Put Overdrive to work for you today. And create conditions that…

  • Capture the thick, sticky resin
  • Optimizes plant life expectancy from nutrition
  • Smell the sweet, potent aroma
  • And enjoy a much larger yield.

A yield you can be damn proud of.

Purchase Advanced Nutrients Overdrive today at an authorized retailer near you.

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